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When you dial 911 from a landline phone, your address appears on the screen in front of the dispatcher.  An incorrect address can delay emergency response time, so a correct address is vital information.  To improve emergency response time, please post your correct address on your mailbox or somewhere in front of your home where an emergency vehicle can see it.

The Madison County Emergency Communications District - 911 Office assigns all new addresses within Jackson and Madison County as well as approves all street names to avoid duplication.

The 911 Center uses a computerized mapping system to locate 911 calls.  The mapping information we use is updated on a daily basis by the District.  Please note that online mapping services and / or GPS units do not always have the most up to date information.  If you experience a problem with these services, unfortunately the District is unable to correct their information so you would need to contact their technical support to correct the issue.

If you have a question or concern regarding your correct address, please feel free to call the Madison County Emergency Communications District - 911 Office at (731) 423-3911 between 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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